I'm Jay Cai.

I create things for the web.
I'm a software engineer based in Los Angeles, CA specializing in building (and sometimes designing) amazing websites, mobile apps, and everything in between.


Hello! I'm Jay C, a software engineer based in Los Angeles, CA.

I like creating meaningful applications, whether that be websites, mobile apps, or anything in between. My goal is to build functional, interactive, and accessible products that provide pixel-perfect, performant experiences.

Here are a few technologies I've been working on recently:

  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • HTML & CSS
  • React
  • React Native
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes



Developed an event management platform for CrowdSync Technology. Hosted thousands of events and >250k attendees. All the frontend code is done by me. I also mess around with data visualizations and API integrations.

React/Redux, Next.js, Docker, Github, Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, LESS, Figma, Twillo, AWS, Azure


Spotify Data Viz

A web app to visualize user's profile, playlists, followers, recently played songs. Also includes the frequently played song for within 4 weeks and 6 months. Songs include detailed sound information. Create and modify your playlists with recommended songs based on your playlists and more.

React, Node, Express, REST API, Styled-Component, Mixins


Food Zone

E-commerce website with User auth, check out with PayPal, add items to cart, admin upload, edit product, manage orders, post review, search, and sort products.

React, Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB, Material UI, AWS, Heroku, JWT


I am currently looking for new opportunities, and please feel free to contact me. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I will get back to you as soon as possible!